Weaving a story on values.. Chennai Volunteers Spoken English session

“Some people want change to happen, some wish it to happen, others make it happen. ”

Our Samaritan for the month is our first official volunteer on the Chennai Volunteers portal. She was a friend who was already a ‘giver-at-heart’ and a regular volunteer for various causes at different NGOs

Today, Sonali Panjabi is known to most other volunteers as she is active during our volunteer orientations. Instrumental at the launch of Spoken English sessions at most new institutions, she trains new volunteers on how the sessions work. She started her association with Chennai Volunteers by teaching Spoken English with a group of us at Madras Sewa Sadan in 2011. Talented, engaging and fun, in a span of two years, she was simply everywhere! From a regular volunteer to a core coordinator to a team-lead for Spoken English, she has contributed to the growth of Spoken English at CV in a big way

As a volunteer, she radiates warmth, enthusiasm, a passion to teach and compassion for all. A lady with many skills, she runs her business, travels the globe and yet is always there as a Chennai Volunteer. Her radiant energy and positivity is what makes her special to all volunteers and students alike. She can now conjure up a Spoken English module for students promptly and is always up for a new challenge. She can create a story on the spot… depending on the situation, focus group and their requirement. She can make students sing, dance and move.. all in English! We call her the Pied Piper” of Spoken English sessions as the children just love their “Sonali Aunty” and she can’t get enough of them either!

Sonali has successfully woven volunteering into the fabric of her being. She graduated from teaching Spoken English to another cause – feeding the hungry! We know a returning volunteer by the force she (or he) carries with her. Sonali personifies that. She almost single-handedly led the entire “Serving Smiles” project during Daan Utsav 2015. In fact, she created an innovative methodology of making it a success while she was on the other side of the globe! She intuitively used the principles of remote volunteering in this case and it was a delight for all her, her friends who came together for her and the beneficiaries at our partner NGOs.

I am sure she will continue to surprise and delight all of us, in her imitable manner.. Our Good Samaritan for the month, Mrs. Sonali Panjabi reiterates the adage that good things come in small packages.