What is Chennai summer for our kids without some fun, both in and out of the sun!
This is true for all of us with children. With summer holidays just round the corner, we start thinking of how we can enrich them with new hobbies, creative learning and just simple fun. The children themselves look forward to this break when they can meet friends and family and have a great time pursuing what they enjoy the most.

Well, there are some children who actually dread these holidays, rather than looking forward to them. These holidays reiterate the fact that they have no one to go back home to when school shuts, no one who visits them during the holidays ….. in short, no one who cares.

CV curates summer camps at select children’s homes across our city, for two weeks each. We fill up their days with workshops by experts in theatre, dance, public speaking and music; sessions on science, math, reading, arts and craft; some fun with indoor games and outdoor sports. Based on what the children will enjoy, we fill up their days with volunteering activities. And today, as we approach the third summer of such camps, the children are waiting to hear from us!!

You could also join CV as we create centres of learning through fun for the children at our partner NGOs across Chennai. We seek volunteers who will join us for 2 hours a day ( morning or early evening, on weekdays or weekends ) from April 25 to May 7, to engage with children at various homes by teaching, organising creative sessions, recreational games and lots more.
If you are interested, please log onto http://www.chennaivolunteers.org and register as a volunteer or message us your details at 9840182299.