Most professionals have a skill that they hone through years of hard work and experience. At their place of work, in office or outdoors, they do the same specified job for years and are used to applying the same skill everyday. It is their forte, their expertise and most often, their source of living. As a volunteer, they are often more comfortable extending the same skill set to people who need it and create a positive impact. You could be working in the services sector as a lawyer, techie, marketing exec, designer, doctor, accountant, project manager , percussionist, therapist, anything really – there must be a cause out there that can make use of your talent and expertise.

There are various reasons one volunteers. The driver could be one of a combination of some of these:

It is well-established that volunteering is key to abundant living. The more you dare, care and share, the more you will receive in terms of gratitude and fulfilment. Your life becomes enriched  through regular volunteering and you develop a new facet to your personality. It feeds your emotional quotient and your thinking becomes more encompassing.

Secondly, in our normal realm of living, we all seek challenge and this is what volunteering provides – an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, reach out to people completely unknown to you and make a positive impact in their life. The experience is very humbling and always gives us the passion to strive and do more. You want to help not yourself, not someone you know but someone who truly needs it.

Thirdly, everyone enjoys extending a helping hand and it is so simple that you get attracted to the sheer ease of doing good. Once you have bitten the bullet, volunteering your skill becomes the norm. Very often, people weave volunteering into the fabric of their being and seamlessly extend their skills for both, profit and pro bono.

It is also true that everyone is equal as a volunteer – the volunteering world is one space where everyone is a peer, regardless of their credentials and status. What you deliver is what makes you special. In fact, I would also say that the giver and receiver are both equal. You rediscover yourself for what you truly are, without the trappings of the competitive world and this keeps you rooted and grounded. Of course, you also meet new people, build new relationships and appreciate other people for what they are. You learn to respect people and think from their point of view.

Thankfully, there are volunteering initiatives that know how to match professionals and organisations – creating a spark of social good.

At Chennai Volunteers, we actively seek skilled volunteers for various volunteering requirements. From something as serious as a software platform that manages the residents’ database at an NGO to movement therapy for beneficiaries with special intellectual and physical needs; from accounting advice to interactive percussion sessions; from counselling to sports training.. you name it, we have facilitated such matches. The need and its corresponding skill or talent has varied but the one factor that remains constant is the resultant positive impact, accompanied by gratitude, fulfilment and genuine happiness that only selfless giving can achieve.