There are few people I know who are true givers – when they serve or help someone in need with their right hand, even the left hand doesn’t get to know. One such person is our good samaritan of the month, Mrs. Tehnaz Bahadurji – a lady who dons many hats, each one with accomplished flair!

A volunteer for all seasons and deserving reasons, Chennai Volunteer is a channel she sought, to volunteer (with the less privileged) a few years ago and it’s been a wonderful association ever since. As a volunteer, she has a commanding and dignified presence, radiates positivity and you can see the young students look up to her with awe. She brings the perfect blend of compassion and firmness, sincerity and unflinching commitment to all her engagements.

Well-organised and efficient, she brings professionalism into her volunteering. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and helps out at various educational institutions. Tehnaz started volunteering at Spoken English sessions in one school and soon took on many more. Teaching Spoken English, developing content, writing proposals for partner NGOs, communications support for sponsorship during disaster relief, being an active blood donor, coaching young women for international exams in English (TOIEC), teaching visually challenged students, training young women etiquette and presence – her engagement continues to deepen and broaden with each passing month. She is always ready to help out…very often, at short notice! Today, Tehnaz is well known among volunteers and NGOs alike as she is active at our volunteer orientations. A core volunteer, she trains new volunteers on how the English sessions work. Her focused approach and candid nature makes her our inner conscience as well and she is a core volunteer for several long-term programmes.

Despite being active in several other organisations, shouldering important responsibilities and travelling across the globe, she is always there when you need her. As a true volunteer at heart, she has made volunteering an integral part of her life and I am sure she will inspire many more to do the same.