“When compassion becomes your motivation, success will be yours.”

                     Our volunteer for this month is a young man who literally walked into our office and made it his! Samay Soni walked into our office one morning, with a novel in hand, sleepy-eyed and hesitant, wanting to volunteer for a very specific cause .. and we are glad to say that one cause became two and soon increased multifold.

As an Associate Software Engineer at Tech Mahindra, he works crazy hours, stays up into the wee hours of the morning and has enough pressure in his life. Yet, we see him bright and cheerful at our office at 9:30 am on most mornings. He candidly admitted that the one thing he was SURE of in his life was that he enjoyed working to help others and we should help him do that.

For someone who started his volunteering journey with something as basic as making follow-up calls to volunteers for an event, he sure increased his volunteering portfolio very seamlessly! Over a span of one year, he has served as a core coordinator for Daan Utsav, been our photographer on hand, an active part of Seva Cafe and blood donation camps, led community service initiatives like lake clean ups and post-Vardah road clear up. He has been part of everything CV does .. from teaching to marathon management to cycle rallies to setting up libraries in schools … he even managed to involve his boss to help out with the CV portal and they are actively helping us out with that.
All this while managing hectic work and other interests. And just as he quietly walked into our office, he is going to walk out soon.. to greener pastures far and beyond. We wish him luck and the very best in all his endeavours and know that he will always carry the Chennai Volunteers badge with him, spreading joy wherever he goes.

So here’s to more faith in volunteering and touching lives, while making his own a successful one. It is true, when compassion becomes your motivation to do more and give back more, the sky is the limit and the stars are within reach. Best of luck Samay, we know you will be back soon!