“Work hard in silence; let your success to be your noise”

– Frank Ocean

Our volunteer for this month is a lady who volunteers very actively, works hard and yet is the epitome of calm and composure. She has been a Chennai Volunteer for over 5 years now and we have never seen her ruffled or perturbed. So imagine the positive impact she has on the hundreds of children she has engaged with, just by being herself!

Not many new volunteers can see or hear her at our gatherings as she is always content to be an observer and her strongest strength is listening. She is present at all important CV events and is a quiet force by herself. Her social chats are measured  but at work, she can speaks loud and clear and this reflects in the impact she creates. Sri Priya is a soft-spoken person but is firm enough to control young and naughty students. She is a trusted, long term volunteer for Spoken English  at four institutions and has taken active part in all major short term events like Daan Utsav and other new initiatives of CV in the area of Education for children.

A Chennai girl herself, she completed her schooling from Church Park School and graduated from Asan Memorial College, University of Madras. She worked for a private company for a few years before realising that what she truly wanted to do was give back to society.  That’s when she started volunteering through CV and there has been no looking back, ever since.

She is a “professional” volunteer – a new term that we have coined only for her! She doesn’t take off (unless there is a dire situation that needs her attention), is focused, committed and above all, trustworthy. No wonder that she’s loved by all the children she engages with and we’ve seen a positive change in them over the years.  She places the developmental needs of the students above all else and uses a lot of innovative formats in her Spoken English sessions, to get the students to focus, respond and improve their conversational skills. Very prompt in feedback, she adds a lot of value to our surveys and response sessions. As a core volunteer of CV, she is always raring to go!

You may not hear her in a crowd but she makes herself heard when it matters; she may not be seen in a sea of people but you can’t miss her when she volunteers.

A perfect blend of professionalism, commitment and quiet compassion, Sri Priya is indeed a Chennai Volunteer we respect immensely and are privileged to showcase her as our Volunteer of the month.