Volunteering makes me feel like a hero! It made me realise that I was able to make a difference in someone’s life, and help them learn. Being associated with Chennai Volunteers and engaging in Conversational English sessions for the middle school students of Oclott School, is very special to me.

I guess I always had a teacher hidden in me and I realised this by volunteering at Olcott school. It’s been a win-win for me . Being with kids and coaching them is refreshing and thought provoking, unlike other volunteering opportunities. We need to ignite our creative side to hold the attention of the kids and teach them with patience. I find every session different, with a new learning. Even during this pandemic, we have continued our sessions using the online medium and that has been a completely new experience in volunteering, for me.

Jai is a lead volunteer at Olcott Senior Secondary School for four years now. He spends one hour every Wednesday morning leading a team of volunteers from Bank of America, in teaching middle school children Conversational English. Beyond his role as a volunteer, he has become a constant factor, a role model and an inspiration for the less privileged children at Olcott School.